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swap confusion

Hi list

I have just watched my system booting and noticed that my two
swap-partitions have different priorities:

Sep  1 18:30:12 blaubaer kernel: Adding Swap: 530104k swap-space (priority -1)
Sep  1 18:30:12 blaubaer kernel: Adding Swap: 530136k swap-space (priority -2)

As they reside on two different hard drives, it might be smarter to have
them both at the same priority, as they will be used "on a round-robin
basis" (from swapon(2) ). So let's go ahead and set the priority in
/etc/fstab with pri=PRIORITY, but wait... the man page tells me that
swap priority can have any non-negative value, but the above kern.log
tells me both partitions have a negative value. Could someone please
enlighten me what this is all about?


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