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Love it when a good plan works out!

Just completed my first crack at the new Woody 3.0r0 release, and wanted to write and kudos to the team!

Wow, smooth as silk, the >only< glitch I experienced was an overloaded security.debian.org server -- and you guys even anticipated that event! I used retry a couple times and blamo -- pain-free Linux install!

I've got a few of these under my belt and have never seen it go smoother -- GOOD JOB PEOPLE! Huge Warm Fuzzies!!

Thanks again,

Rob Leachman

PS: Well I wanted to write one of those really rare messages but cannot click send without finding something to suggest... nowhere in the (i386) install manual does it clearly state:

1. Download compact-rescue and compact-root
2. Make floppies
3. Boot the rescue disk
4. Do the most obvious thing
5. Bask in the glow

I had to "go for it" with less certainty than would have been provided with at least step 1 explicitly stated (under the "installing over network" section?). Shrug, whatever.

Substitute this suggestion with "how the heck did I get nethack, in a minimal install" if the above doesn't seem important, ha ha.

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