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PPP asks my ISP for password

Having finally got what I thought was a working box, I can't dial
out. Whichever method I use, I either can't connect to my ISP or
the connection is refused by my box.
I type 'pon', having set up ppp in the normal Debian way. Nothing
happens. I'll go back into it to try to find the log message.
I can dial out with kppp, but as soon as I'm connected pppd dies,
with the message 'cannot obtain a password for this IP address'.
Obviously I can't get a password from my ISP and I've searched
everywhere to try to find out which file it's in.

I attempted to add a pppuser account, in the hope that would solve
the problem. But I got a segmentation fault so that didn't work.

Finally, I have Woody with the vanilla kernel. I installed from
DVD, seemed easier than seven cds. But when I try to add packages
using dselect it exits with a 'unknown fs type' error. IsO is
supported, I can read from the drive.

Would the compact kernel provide better support for a cd-writer
and a dvd drive? The DVD was recognised and added to fstab
automatically, although I did have to specify it was on /dev/hdd
first, but the cd-rw drive I had to manually enter in fstab. As
cd-writers use scsi emulation, could I have problems there.

I apologise for showering this list with questions. I'm not coming
straight from a microsoft environment, but I have become
accustomed to Mandrake, which does most configurations
automatically and normally detects hardware and adds kernel
modules with no problems. I haven't had a linux box that didn't
'run out of the box' since Mandrake 7.0 which had so many problems
with my then graphics card I became an x windows set-up expert.

Oh well, solving problems is the best way to learn. I've only
installed Woody three times so far, and didn't get it to run until
the last installation. But without being able to reach my ISP
(plain modem dial-up, nothing else available) it's not much use.

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