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Re: raidhotadd and RAID1

Hi Gents,

On Sun, 01 Sep 2002 the mental interface of patrick told:

> --- Alvin Oga <aoga@Maggie.Linux-Consulting.com> wrote:
> Hi Alvin,
> I've never heard of "hotswapadd", did you mean "raidhotadd" ?
> I also have raid-1 problems. raid-0 gets started fine, but raid-1
> starts in degraded mode, using only hde.  (started after I had to
> rebuild the partition table on hdg)
> I can manually raidhotadd /dev/md? /dev/hdg?
> which restores the arrays fine, but it doesn't 'stick'.  I have to
> raidhotadd after every boot.
> Any ideas?

Have a look at /usr/share/doc/raidtools2/ "The Software-RAID HOWTO
6.1 Recovery from a multiple disk failure". Yesterday I repaired
one of my raid devices succesfull. This should help! Make a backup
of your partition before! I don't have that much experience to know
wether it works in every case. I made one but didn't need. Better as
the other way round!



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