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Re: raidhotadd and RAID1

--- Alvin Oga <aoga@Maggie.Linux-Consulting.com> wrote:
> hi ya michael
> -- looks like we have a mis-communication.. lets try it again
> my understanding so far..
> - you had sda and sdb running as raid1 ( mirroring ) before 
> 	- if this not the case... all bets are off
> - than sdb dies .... you replaced it ...
> and now we are trying to rebuild the raid1 as it should be
> ( that the system can boot off either sda or sdb
> 	- simply doing something like  "hotswapadd /dev/sdb" 
> 	will automatically do all the magic to rebuild the raid
> 	as it was before the disk crashed

Hi Alvin,

I've never heard of "hotswapadd", did you mean "raidhotadd" ?

I also have raid-1 problems. raid-0 gets started fine, but raid-1
starts in degraded mode, using only hde.  (started after I had to
rebuild the partition table on hdg)
I can manually raidhotadd /dev/md? /dev/hdg?
which restores the arrays fine, but it doesn't 'stick'.  I have to
raidhotadd after every boot.

Any ideas?


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