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Re: Mouse problem in X

Anna Lawless wrote:


I've just installed Woody on my main box. Everything went fine
until I started an X session. Then... mouse pointer as
windowmanager was loading, then pointer disappeared. The desktop
menus open at random, it seems, I have a mouse pointer, but it's
not working properly.

Usually indicative of a bad protocol setting in either /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 or /etc/gpm.conf, or both.

I'm using XF86-4 with the Vesa driver for a nVideo Riva2 card. My
mouse is a standard ps2 wheelmouse.

The protocol you probably want is "imps2" in /etc/gpm.conf, and "ImPS/2" in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4. NOTE: You may not be running gpm, in which case you can ignore the info about /etc/gpm.conf..

This may be a hint as to what's gone wrong. I don't have the
message to hand, I'm having to use windoze to send this. After
starting X for the first time this was in the information on tty2.

Generic mouse loaded
Configured mouse loaded.

So it seems that I have two mice in my config file. I'm guessing
that that's causing a conflict.
No; XF86Config-4 provides for two mouse settings, I suppose to account for those times when you might switch mice, like from a built-in on a laptop to an external. This shouldn't cause any problems.

I'm a Debian newbie and don't have a great deal of experience with
working with console apps. I don't know which editor would be best
for me to read and edit my xf86-4 config file.
vi, vim, emacs, nano, ae, mcedit, etc etc etc
mcedit will probably be the most familiar for those coming from MS-land

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