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Re: Mouse problem in X

"Anna Lawless" <lalawless@wingets.co.uk> writes:

> I've used Mandrake for the last two years, but always wanted to
> move to Debian. 

Quite right too!!

> I'm using XF86-4 with the Vesa driver for a nVideo Riva2 card. My
> mouse is a standard ps2 wheelmouse.

Are you using gpm?  (Have you use of the mouse in a tty?)  
If so then you need to make your mouse device in XF86Config-4
/dev/gpmdata, and in /etc/gpm.conf  make sure that repeat_type=raw 

If that gives no joy post up your XF86Config-4 file.  

As for editors - dangerous question! - doesn't emacs21 come with Debian

But whatever you do DON'T abandon Debian again - this is curable!

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