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Re: X server configuration

On 31 Aug 2002, Bhupendra Kumar Patidar wrote:

> HI,
> I recently installed debian 2.2 releae 5. I am not able to 
> configure my x server so that i can run x windows. my 
> configuration is logitech mouse at ps/4, mercury mother board with 
> on board video card S3 savag4 LG studiowork  563A monitor, us 
> standard key board. I am using xf86cinfig program to configure. is 
> there any help on this.
> Thanks !
> bhupendra
post the log to enable others to help you. is your card supported? (i had
recently problems with onbord s3savages; i got it solved with the xfree4
framebuffer driver)

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