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Problem with sound card.........help?


This is my first day using Debian and I've got everything installed and working and I've even found a load of the configuration stuff, but the one thing I can't fix is my soundcard. This is my system:

Debian Woody with 2.4.18bf2.4 kernel
Soundblaster Live! soundcard
Running Gnome on top of Enlightenment

Neither the Gnome sound server nor the Esound daemon are able to connect to the sound device. Errors say that /dev/dsp is inaccessible: permission denied.

The permissions on /dev/dsp are fine:
crw-rw---- root audio /dev/dsp

I did try changing that to:
crw-rw-rw- root audio /dev/dsp

just in case, but that didn't have any effect.

I've tried both the sb and sb_lib modules - the sb module gave an error when I tried loading, but the sb_lib was reported as successful. modprobe -l shows all the sound modules loaded anyway.....

pnpdump doesn't seem to be on the system to try that method....apt doesn't want to install it either - says it can't find it....but there must somewhere be a little config program, like etherconf, that will allow me to set it up manually if it can't detect it...

So what am I doing wrong? Or more to the point, what have I missed when I set this up? Its got to be something pretty minor that I've forgotten along the way...I've got far too used to RedHat doing it all for me!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I promise to return the favour one day when I know how to work things properly ;o)

Thanks in advance,
Matt Claridge
Linux Systems Administrator
& Debian newbie.....

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