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Re: converting outlook pst under linux

On Sat, 31 Aug 2002 the mental interface of Matthias Szupryczynski told:

> He everybody,
> I need to convert a pst file without being able to do this under a
> windows system since there is none availabe at the moment.
> Looking for programs able to read and convert pst files in something
> useful (like mbox, vcf ...) which can be imported by evolution, I found
> -- ReadPST v0.2beta1 implementing LibPST v0.2beta1 --
> on freshmeat.net --> homepage under http://www.sf.net/projects/ol2mbox
> Using that, I was able to convert about 10% of the pst-file (~70 MB) in
> question into mbox files. After that, the program crashed due to a
> segmentation fault.
> So, are there similar programs out there ?? 

kmailcvt ;-)



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