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Re: How do I install the module "snd"?

Moonlite <moonlite56@yahoo.com> [2002-08-30 17:09:35 -0700]:
> After installing and setting up my Debian system, I
> found that my sound didn't work. I've tried installing
> ALSA, but every time I try to start it, this message
> appears:
> No ALSA driver installed
> Starting ALSA sound driver (version none):modprobe
> Can't locate module snd failed.

One thing that Debian does not have is an automatic hardware detection
and installation program.  (The RH kudzu program is available, as well
as sndconfig.  However, I have not had good results with those.)  So
unless you installed the sound module yourself when you installed
debian, you don't have it.

I am guessing your problem is not lack of ALSA but lack of a sound
module in your kernel.

> I don't know how to install kernel modules without
> reinstalling Debian, which is about the last thing I
> want to do. I've tried looking for snd.o and haven't
> found it. How do I install it and get my sound card
> working?

The program you want is 'modconf'.

  su root

Then select the sound driver for your card.  Which one?  You need to
know which card you have.  'lspci' will tell you what is on your
system.  Also 'less /proc/pci' will be similar.  Searching with google
will usually turn up the right driver name for your hardware.  If you
have trouble, post your hardware to the list and ask for help.


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