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Re: Clear Case

%% Jamal.Mitchell@dot.state.ga.us writes:

  jm> I am interested in Clear Case for Debian is there such a thing, if
  jm> so where can I "apt-get" it

ClearCase is a (very) proprietary SCM system from Rational Software.  As
such, you obviously cannot apt-get it.  It costs big $$, as well.  A
single license is >$1000 IIRC.

If you have a license (note ClearCase licenses float and are not
platform specific) you can download the software (as a compressed tar
file) from the Rational web site.

ClearCase does run on Linux, but the only supported platform is Red Hat.
However, you can get ClearCase to run, and run well, on your Debian
system if you're willing to make a small amount of effort (all of it at
installation time: once you get it installed it works identically to the
Red Hat systems).  The most critical thing is you _MUST_ get the real
Red Hat kernel source RPM from one of the ClearCase-supported versions
of Red Hat, build it (I use kernel-pkg) and use that as your kernel.
Since Linux kernels are almost completely interchangeable with the rest
of the OS, this is not a problem.

Since CC is very non-free software I won't go into more detail than this
about what you need to do; let me know via email if you want more

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