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Re: Mail reader

"Keith O'Connell" <keith_oconnell@blueyonder.co.uk> writes:
> I have been, and still am using Sylpheed for mail and news, but I am
> struck by the number of "mutt" advocates here, and I am inclined to
> give it a try.
> What I want to know, is when a person uses mutt for mail, what will
> he or she tend to use for news?

The original reason I started using gnus for email was the fact that
it allowed you to have the same interface for news and email. That
and, in theory, I liked the idea of mail expiry rather than manual
email deletion. In practice expiry has worked out even better than the

Can mutt do mail expiry? What is expiry? It makes mail act like
news. You don't delete news articles, they eventually just expire on
your news server. In gnus email acts the same way. You never, or very
rarely, delete email manually. A gnus process periodically runs and
cleans up unmarked email that is older than a specified amount of time
(configurable on an email group basis or as a default value if not
specified for a specific group).

I wouldn't live without mail expiry these days. Perhaps in the past a
person would get more mail that they wanted to keep than mail they
wanted trashed. Today I don't imagine that's true of very many
people. In my case I don't care to keep 80% of the email I get, at
least not beyond a week, or month, for example. With gnus expiry I
just read it and if I don't want to keep it that's it. If I want to
keep an email I simply mark it. This just seems more natural to me
than the converse, i.e., marking email you want do delete.

Also, I've never seen a mutt capability mentioned that couldn't also
be done in gnus. The drawbacks of gnus are:

1) If you don't use an emacs editor (XEmacs or GNU Emacs) then it may
   not be worth it. Plus, if you have to learn emacs on top of
   learning how to configure gnus to read email you're talking about a
   *lot* of learning.

2) It's a bit of a steep learning curve getting gnus set up. It's been
   a *long* time since I did this from scratch though so with the
   Emacsen customization capabilities maybe this has gotten better?

But for me the advantages did, and still do, outweigh the
disadvantages, especially since I was already an emacs user.


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