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Re: Is Debian compatible with an external ISDN tower?

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul D Jensen <mao17963@ex.biwa.ne.jp> writes:

    > Hi,

    > My name is Paul.  I'm presently using a Windows ME OS and I'm
    > very sick of it.  It just keeps crashing and is full of errors
    > and problems.  The problem is that I'm currently living in Japan
    > where analog connections are far too expensive and ether net is
    > unheard of.  I'm presently using an ISDN tower not an internal
    > card.  I read that Debian is incompatible with an internal card
    > but will it work with an external tower?  The type of tower I
    > have is a Flets INS Mate V30 ISDN tower.  Someone please help me
    > Windows ME is driving me crazy!  

Apparently, from my very weak Japanese, it seems to work, with
something like ppxp.  If it works with ppxp, I'm assuming that it
works with a stock ppp.  

Do a google for INS Mate V30 Linux and you'll get some hits in

If your Japanese isn't that good, then let us know how the TA is
physically connected to the computer.  That would narrow things down.

Or try the debian-japanese list.

Good Luck.


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