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Re: SAMBA with quota support

Quoting Lucas Barbuto <lucas@qk.com.au>:

> Hi List,
> I'm running SAMBA as a PDC at work and I've setup quotas for user's home
> directories and mail stores.  Problem is, they don't work.  I've
> searched on the web but haven't found much information on this.  I get
> the idea, however, that SAMBA does not have quota support turned on by
> default.
I believe samba and quota is irrelevant.
The quota package checks disk space for users that own files on the linux box.
If a user copies a file to their home directory via samba, the linux
box doesn't care how it got there, but knows that the user has now added
some disk usage to his quota limit.

Does quota work with regular linux disk space?
Does quota only fail when you add disk usage via samba?

My guess at first is that quota isn't setup quite right.
Perhaps re-read the man page and docs to check that quota is working 
Then try to overload a users disk quota via samba and see if 
that works.



> So question is, how do I get SAMBA with quota support?  Is it just a
> matter of downloading using deb-src and then re-buiding with
> --with-quotas?  Which packages do I need to re-build?  Is this risky?
> And another thing, /etc/cron.daily/quota was initially sending warning
> messages to all users about their quotas regardless of whether or not
> they were actually over quota.  I've since disabled the script but would
> like to have it all working properly.  Anyone know what's going on there?
> Any help and / or advice appreciated.  
> Regards,
> Lucas
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