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Old machine (bochs).


I am trying to install Debian on very very old machine (bochs x86
emulator). I have plenty of disk space and bandwidth, but I have
limited computing power. For example, download of Packages.tgz took
10 minutes, but its verification (MD5?) took infinite 50 minutes.

The machine has frozen at end of installation. Maybe it was trying to
start up X-Windows at that point? I've entered vesa/256 color mode. I
understand that installer cannot always autodetect, but how can it
allow me to enter invalid information?

I will be trying to install again this weekend. Is it possible to use
already downloaded (and verified) packages? Is it possible to install
potato (or older)? Will installer use potato's or stable's packages
during net install?

I see a lot of things I expect from operating system aren't done
(keeping safe distance between myself and hardware) while a lot of
things that belong to application domain are installed (lynx, some
mail system, python (compiles during installation!), perl, ...). This
of course bloats base system. Maybe you could advice some other
distribution that better fits my concept of operating system? For
example I consider X-Window essential, while any unrequested
application or library is too much. Traditional unix environment and
programs necessary to start installation of applications are an

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