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Hosed /var permissions

Unfortunately my first post to a Debian list is for help recovering from
a minor disaster... I set up a new box running Woody and carefully
migrated all my internet services off a much older Potato box. Everthing
was working perfectly until...

... I got cocky and wiped the disk on the old Potato box so I could
recycle the machine, and then promptly entered the following at a root
prompt on the Woody box:

	chown -R www-data:www-data /var/*

So the nice, new box running all my services is now off in the weeds; I
managed to get mail moving again but that's about it. I have absolutely
no idea how to restore all the correct permissions in /var. I fixed mail
by trial-and-error; gdm was kind enough to tell me what to do so I can
at least log into GNOME, but...

Anyone have any advice? I'm guessing there isn't a script to run that
will just fix the permissions... Should I just reinstall from scratch

Help. TIA...


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