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RE: Trouble iNstalling

I am also relatively new so use advice with caution and listen to the better
experiended who might reply:
I would suggest a different partitioning to begin with (you are not
describing a / root partition):

Allow 50MB for /boot
and (going by the way you are setting up now), use the rest of the space, or
a lot of space for the  / root,
the swap file is overkill; if you ever anticipate using Sorcerer, 1.5G will
do; that is more than you will ever need. Linux does not use swap in the
same way as Windows.

Are you sure you burned your CDs as ISO images. Did you check the integrity
of your download. Did you do a media check before you began the install.

Best Wishes!
Mike Olds www.buddhadust.org

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From: Brian Lynn [mailto:goblynn93@yahoo.com]
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Subject: Trouble iNstalling

I have tried to install both ver 3.0r0 and 2.2r7 and I
have run into the same problem both times... here is
my story:

I downloaded the Vanilla ISO from a FTP, burned the
disc, and rebooted with a never used HDD. Everything
goes as normal... I am able to partition the HDD
making a 10mb boot partition right at the beginning
and a swappartition of 10gb (overkill I'm sure, but I
have a 30gb drive so...) and I initialize the
partitions. Here is where the problem is... everytime
I try i=to install the kernel and modules I get into a
loop... seems the computer cannot ever find the file:
install-1.44/rescue.bin and some ".tar" file can't be
found about half the time...

What the heck am I doing wrong? I also tried to
download the Disc 1 (basic?) since it asks for the
"Debian Disc 1" to be placed into the CD-ROM I am
istalling from.

I've tried to manually enter the location of the
files... and tried the automatic search.

Ver. 2.2r7 sends me back to the Install Kernel and
Module option of the installer and ver 3.0r0 sends me
back to the VERY beggining of the installer...

What am I doing wrong?

I have to admit I am new to Linux and I have only ever
installed Red Hat which I found to be not what I
expected... Too bulky and ran SLOW on my system... Its
fast as a windows machine... I thought it would be
fast as a Linux as well.

Please help... I am so SICK of Windows...

Brian Lynn
a.k.a GoBLynn, GoBLynn93, Easter_Goblin_93
M.C.P. ID# 2243602
BLYNN@TNS.NET is no longer a valid email address.

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