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Re: woody isos

Michael P. Soulier, 2002-Aug-17 09:55 -0400:
> On 16/08/02 Jeff did speaketh:
> > Check out http://linuxiso.org/
>     Cool, thanks. 
>     Do any of the images have pcmcia support at boot? I've had to use a hack
> or two to install off of my laptop's pcmcia cdrom, and I'm curious as to
> whether or not there's an easier way.
>     Mike

All the cd's have pcmcia support, but I don't know for about a pcmcia
cdrom.  You can get details on the cd set here:


Assuming your pcmcia is a scsi card, you might be able to boot to it.
Otherwise you could do a floppy install for the base system, including
pcmcia, and then complete the install from the pcmcia scsi cdrom.  

You might want to search the debian-laptop and debian-user archives.
I know I've seen discussions on this sort of install on one or both of
these lists.


Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

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