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Lexmark 3200

Anybody with a  Lexmark 3200 printer working in woody? I've tried
several different combinations of apps like lprng, gnulpr, lpr, cups and
a bunch of config apps, printtool, lprngtool, magicfilter, etc. I
select the proper driver/filter for Lexmark 3200 but when trying to
print a test page or using lpr <file> nothing whatsoever happens.  
"I mean they are gonna kill ya so like if ya give em a quick, short, sharp,
shock they won't do it again. Dig it! I mean he got off lightly cuz I would 
have given him a thrashing. I only hit him once. It was only a difference of 
opinion but really... I mean good manners don't cost nothin do they. Eh?"

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