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Re: Two NE2000 equivalent cards in one machine

On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 07:49:44PM +0100, Chris Evans wrote:
| Apologies for post to the two lists but think it's between the two.
| Installed Woody with 2.4.18-586tsc kernel on old machine with two 
| NE2000 equivalent ISA network cards (different manufacturers). 

I have much the same setup, but I have an older 2.4.17 kernel (I'm
building 2.4.19 as we speak, though).

| I can get either one to work fine with the other in the machine and
| know the IO/IRQs (300/10 and 320/5)


| but I can't, whatever I've tried with /etc/modutils/ne, with or
| without an append in lilo, get linux to get both into action.

I have the following :

$ cat /etc/modutils/local.conf

# the Netgear EA-201 NE2k clone ISA ethernet adapter
alias eth0 ne
alias eth1 ne
options ne io=0x300,0x320

#options eth0 io=0x300 irq=11
#options eth1 io=0x320 irq=15

That tells the module which card is which interface.  I don't remember
if the last two lines would work or not (but they're there, so I'm
sharing them anyways in case you want to try it).


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