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Re: security updates overwrite local mailman package

On Tue, 13 Aug 2002 10:01, Jan Johansson wrote:
> > Why does it do this? Is there some way I can stop it?
> Set the "hold" flag for the mailman package. (done throgh dselect or
> aptitude or similar)

Ok I set it to hold in aptitude. It now has a little h next to it:

ph 2.0.12-2
ph 2.0.11-1woody2
ih 2.0.11-1woody2
ph 2.0.11-1woody1
The problem is when I quit aptitude and type: apt-get upgrade it still tries 
to replace my locally compiled 2.0.11-1woody2 package with the one in 

I have been using debian for several years and this is the first time I have 
had to use dselect/aptitude to achieve anything. Is there a dpkg or apt-get 
command that can hold a package?

thanks, Iain.
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