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Re: Installing a package from an older distribution

On Fri, 9 Aug 2002, jennyw wrote:

> I had trouble running the mutt package that comes with sarge, so I went 
> back to the one in woody (by editing sources.list, including stable and 
> commenting out the testing lines).  Things work great now, but I would 
> like to keep the older version of mutt when I do a dist-upgrade. Is there 
> a way to mark it so that it doesn't get upgraded?

You put the package on 'hold'.  The gurus will tell you a better way, no
doubt, but I just went through the man pages for dselect, deb, dpkg,
dpkg-deb, apt (what's with that one?), and apt-get - nothing useful - but
the man page for aptitude suggests that

aptitude hold mutt

might do the job.


Patrick Wiseman
Linux user #17943

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