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Simple bash question.

I'm almost positive that there's a way to make bash echo its commands to 
STDOUT.  I have a bunch of script that have variable substitutions and the 
like.  What I'd like to do is to have bash echo every command line that was 
given to it AFTER variable substitution.  This would look a lot like the input 
script, but it would save some debugging effort.

I've checked the man page for bash 5 or 6 times but I can't find what I'm 
looking for.

Then again, maybe I'm thinking about the problem in the wrong way.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Many thanks.

Stephen W. Juranich                             sjuranic@ee.washington.edu
Electrical Engineering             http://students.washington.edu/sjuranic
University of Washington                http://ssli.ee.washington.edu/ssli

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