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Re: should . be followed by doublespace?

scripsit Paul M Foster:
> On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 11:09:01AM -0700, Wendell Cochran wrote:
> I also prefer British spelling of some words, like "traveller". (I
> won't go so far as to include "colour" in that. ;-)

Do I spy an old GDW gamer?

> Don't know why you insert spaces after each period in the elipsis. And
> since the last elipsis would include the end of a sentence, I'd have it
> as four dots. Thus:
> ... meanwhile, back in D.C. Power to the people....

The space between the dots of an ellipsis should be greater than zero
but less than a full space.  Properly, an ellipsis isn't three periods,
but a whole different character (Unicode 8230 decimal).  We make
compromises, like using ``typewriter'' quotes ("), in some situations,
but don't forget that it is a compromise.  (Personally, I don't
particularly care for the appearance of … in a monospace font,
BTW -- it's much too squished.  But so is `Æ', for example.)

> Personally, I vote for single spacing after periods. My wife, the
> typographer, says that not all people receive email in monospaced fonts.
> If your mail comes to you in, say, Times New Roman, two spaces will be
> too much space after the period.

I would disagree with that -- in typeset material, I much prefer
increased space after a full stop.  But to each his own ;)

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