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update-alternatives problem

Running "update-alternatives --config editor", I select jmacs. jmacs
isn't actually a program but a link to joe:

$ file /usr/bin/jmacs 
/usr/bin/jmacs: symbolic link to joe

Runnin joe as "jmacs" gives it emacs-like keybindings. But when I run
the program as "editor" I get plain joe (with WordStar keybindings). I
suspect that this is because the Debian alternatives system itself uses
symlinks to do its magic. So joe isn't being called as jmacs. This
behavior also happens with e3em, an emacs keybindings symlink to e3.

I can think of several workarounds. But is there a "general" solution to
the problem, something that I can apply to other symlinked programs?

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