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Re: should . be followed by doublespace?

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:

> that is a standard I learned in college but it is not used by
> everyone, everywhere. It does make the program's job easier and I like
> the clear visual separation between sentences.

I originally learned to put two spaces after each sentence when I
learned to type. However, later on, when studying technical writing, I
was taught to use only once space because it makes for better
typesetting. If you examine most professionally-typeset material, the
space between sentences is no greater than the distance between words
generally; the period is treated no differently whether it ends a
sentence or an abbreviation, nor is it treated differently from a comma.
Not all books and magazines are like this, but most are. (Just for the
heck of it, I have just glanced at random pages of ten different books
that happen to be in the same room with me at the moment. Nine of the
ten do not have extra space between sentences. Of course, ten books is
not a large sample, but even so, 90% isn't bad.)

So, rather than bother with typing one way for text files and another
way for typeset documents, I just use a single space after a sentence
all the time.


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