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Re: Full-screen editor in /bin

On Wed, 2002-07-31 at 04:04, ben wrote:

> the learning time is almost 
> nothing, 


I didn't find that so at all. vi is cryptic with it's layers of
interfaces that it has acquired over the ages (visually improved
extended ed ....)

But I would never think about giving up vim. (And I had many people
wondering what editor I'm using just because I have :syntax on, and
others didn't guess vim could do this. :-)

> particularly given that it's rms's pet 
> project

Hmmm. That alone would be a reason to walk wide of it. Besides, 
(not (like (Lisp) (me))).


(You using the shift key now and then would make your mails easier to
read, btw)

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