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xemacs tar mode


My xemacs doesn't open files within a tar file very well, and I
haven't been able to track down the cause. Here's what happens. I
find-file a .tar file, and the expected tar-mode dired display of the
tar file's contents appears. Now when I try to read any of the files
into a buffer (to edit, or view, it doesn't matter) I get a message

Opening directory: No such file or directory, <file I tried to visit>.

Oddly, though, the buffer with the file's contents is created, buried
at the bottom of the buffer list (with the --**- in the mode line
indicating that it's modified, but that doesn't seem relevant).

I've tried a few things to get around this error, but to no avail.
Anybody have any hints?

I'm running the xemacs-mule 21.4.6-8 package.

Martin Pokorny
Tucson, AZ, USA
GnuPG key ID: 8A86AB18

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