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Re: MPlayer - Divx

>>>>> "Emil" == Emil H <deb-list@linuxmail.org> writes:

Emil> It worked with 'gmplayer -vo x11'!! OK!
Emil> But no sound, I get this:
Emil> audio_setup: Can't open audio device /dev/dsp: No such device
Emil> couldn't open/init audio device -> NOSOUND
Emil> Audio: no sound!!!

Emil> Theese modules i have loaded (/etc/modules):


Use the lsmod command to see what modules you have loaded.

You must be a member of the audio group to access the sound card.  You
can either permanently add yourself ("adduser <your_username> audio"),
or play around with the pam_group module so that everyone who logs in
From the console gets added to the audio group for that session.  If
this is your own personal machine, the first option is probably enough,
and is easier.

Emil> Which is usually the best output driver?


See <Mplayer-source>/DOCS/video.html for a description of all the output
devices.  Of the ones that you listed, probably x11 is going to work the
best for you, but is rather slow.  dga or xvidix may work better, or may
not work at all.  You seem to be missing the sdl output, probably
because you don't have the SDL library (or SDL development files)
installed.  On a woody/sarge/sid box you would do
"apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev".

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