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Crosscompiling Linux/Windows on remote host

I've got a problem:

I've got a Debian box on my desktop, and there's a Windows box on the LAN that I can install stuff on. Now, I'm working with a compiler that is a) proprietary and b) only available on Windows. The compiler is installed on the Windows box, and runs under a cygwin environment.

I want to do all the work on my Debian box, naturally, and then use only the absolute minimum of Windows capability. That is, the compiler itself. Source code editing, the "make" command and everything else is done locally on Debian.

I've been trying to get some kind of ssh server/client solution going, but it's not coming along at all. 

So, anyone know about a feasible solution to this? I'm thinking things like having the compiler exist on the Debian box as a script of some kind that invokes the real compiler over the LAN on the Windows box, possibly having my disk mounted over samba on the Windows box so that it can work locally on the source code files.

Am I making any sense? Has anyone tried this, are there any good tools for this and so on? Any pointers are greatly appreciated! 

Thank you,


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