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licq disappeared from testing/woody

Hello list

I installed licq 1.0.3-5 on my machine a few months ago and it works like a
champ. It was probably the licq from testing/woody.

Later I tried installing it on another machine and it wouldn't work at all
(failed dependencies, segfaults, etc). I looked at the versions available,
and 1.0.3-5 is no longer there. Doing a search for licq on
packages.debian.org, I see

unstable  licq-dev 1.0.4.cvs.20020521-1   (52.1k)
  LICQ Development and Header Files
stable licq-data 1.3-1   (213.3k)
  Data files for the Licq ICQ clone
unstable licq-plugin-rms 1.0.4.cvs.20020521-1   (26.8k)
  LICQ remote management server for telnet LICQ access
unstable licq-plugin-autoreply 1.0.4.cvs.20020521-1   (22.1k)
  LICQ auto-replier plugin (noninteractive)
unstable licq-plugin-gtk+ 0.51-1   (476.1k)
  Graphical front-end plugin for LICQ using GTK+ libraries
unstable licq-plugin-console 1.0.4.cvs.20020521-1   (53.6k)
  Text front-end plugin for LICQ
unstable licq-plugin-kde 1.0.4.cvs.20020521-1   (957.7k)
  Graphical front-end plugin for LICQ using Qt2+KDE
unstable licq-plugin-gnome 0.51-1   (477.2k)
  Graphical front-end plugin for LICQ using Gnome libraries
unstable licq-plugin-qt2 1.0.4.cvs.20020521-1   (958.7k)
  Graphical front-end plugin for LICQ using Qt2
stable licq-plugin-qt2 0.76-2.1   (360.4k)
  Graphical front-end for LICQ using the QT2 libraries
stable licq 0.76-2.1   (124.5k)
  ICQ clone (base files)
unstable licq 1.0.4.cvs.20020521-1   (396.8k)
  ICQ clone (base files)


OK, so where did 1.0.3-5 go? None of these others work on my machine. I've
tried them all.

I would simply steal the .deb's for licq 1.0.3-5 from the machine that has
it installed, but they're gone from my /var/cache/apt/archives for some
Kurt Yoder
Sport & Health network administrator

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