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Re: Comment on article - Switching Back.

On Wed, 17 Jul 2002 11:23:28 -0300 pellegrini@mpcnet.com.br (Jeronimo
Pellegrini) wrote:

> Sure. But it wouldn't take too much for her to get used to Linux. I've 
> tried it. Called a woman with no experience with Linux, but who managed
> tolearn how to use Windows. She said "It's the same thing: you click on 
> things, then windows appeag on the screen, and you do stuff".

Absolutely.  My mother (in her mid 50's) uses Linux (first RH and now
Debian) on her system.  Sure, she doesn't know how to admin the system,
but she doesn't need to.  The system is configured for her and she happily
uses it for what she does (a few games, mail, and net surfing).

> It's not realistic to think PCs are things that "anyone can use".

I disagree.  I've yet to find a person that simply can't use a PC.  I've
done support for a variety of different companies and at a variety of
different levels in the last 18 years, and in every case it was simply a
matter of explaining to them.  Sure, a PC isn't something that everyone
can take out of the box and just go wild with.  However, it is something
that can be explained to them, within reason.

> Yes. But the concept that the industry has been seling all this time is
> that of a "personal" computer. One that is "easy-to-use". They have
> unfortunately extended this to something like
> 'easy-to-install-and-admin-yourself".

Yes, and therein lies the main problem.  

Jamin W. Collins

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