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Re: ibook v2 modems

This would probably better of in debian-powerpc.

Well, you can look into USB modems.  Looks like it's really your only
option.  Make sure that the modem conforms to the USB ACM CDC.  If
that makes no sense to you, look up USB modems at www.linux-usb.org.

I believe that the new ibook2 modem is in some working condition.
There was a thread on the debian-powerpc list last month.  You want
the search the archives.

Good luck.


>>>>> "Rory" == Rory Campbell-Lange <rory@campbell-lange.net> writes:

    Rory> I'd be grateful for some advice on a suitable (external?)
    Rory> modem for a new ibook.  The model number is M6497 of 2001.

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