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Re: adsl in Brazil

On Sun, Jul 14, 2002 at 10:24:12AM -0300, Klaus Imgrund wrote:

| i got an adsl connection with Telecom Brasil.The trouble there is that
| if the connection drops it doesn't get reestablished ok.
| I got a greatspeed router that is supplied by the ISP.That connects to
| eth0 and establishes the connection with the ISP.Problem is that there
| is some homemade software from the ISP in the router; the only thing i
| can setup is my password.
| And they wont tell anybody how that thing works either.
| When the connection drops and is reestablished it always gets it wrong;
| the packets arrive in the wrong order.
| The answers to a ping to the router come back like:
| seq0-5 is ok at about 0.8 ms
| seq11-16     at about 12 sec.
| seq6-10      at about 0.8 ms
| I did go google.Did try several dhcp-clients and also without a
| client.No change at all.
| Does anybody know where i could get some info on the setup of that
| thing?

I'm sorry Klaus, but it looks like there is something wrong with the
hardware or firmware in that router your ISP provided you with.  I'm
afraid I can't help you with it.


The remote desktop feature of Windows XP is really nice (and *novel*!).
As a Microsoft consultant can *remotely* disable the personal firewall
and control the system.  We'll ignore the fact that this tampering with
the firewall is not logged, and more importantly, that the firewall
isn't restored when the clowns from Redmond are done with their job.
                                                            -- bugtraq

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