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Some questions about postfix and cyrus-imap

I have some problems configuring my first own mail server with postfix
and cyrus:
-postfix runs perfect and puts the incoming mails in e.g.
-when i write "mailbox_transport = cyrus" in my /etc/postfix/main.cf to
forward the mail to cyrus the incoming mails are rejected with the
comment "no such user". But the user in cyrus exists!

>basti@basti:~$ cyradm localhost 
>localhost userid: cyrus
>localhost password: 
>localhost> lm

This error occurs in /var/log/mail.log:

>Jul 16 16:58:56 beta deliver[9161]: checkdelivered: Unable to open
>delivered db: <20020716145855.07EFD4EFA5@beta.wg>: No such file or
>Jul 16 16:58:56 beta postfix/pipe[9160]: 07EFD4EFA5:
>to=<basti@myowndomain.org>, relay=cyrus, delay=1, status=bounced (user
>unknown. Command output: basti: Mailbox does not exist _ )

Whats wrong here? I am googling around for two days now, and i dont find
any proper solution.
I configured everything with the tutorials and docs from:



Sebastian Schinzel

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