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Re: silly testing/sid question

On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 12:31:59AM -0400, Travis Crump wrote:
> Seneca wrote:
> >
> >If you keep your sources.list at testing, you will need a dist-upgrade
> >every once in a while. An example from unstable: the package dictd was
> >split into 2 packages (dictd && dictzip), and dictd now depends upon
> >dictzip. The only way for the package dictd can upgrade to the new
> >version is with a dist-upgrade to install the new package.
> >
> It isn't the /only/ way, you can also apt-get install dictd and it will 
> pick up the new dependency...

You're right, I even did that dictd upgrade by ftping and then just
using dpkg instead of simply using apt-get. I was thinking in relation
to the usual "apt-get upgrade"-type mass upgrades.

But when I'm upgrading a system that hasn't been done for a while, it
certainly is a lot less work to apt-get dist-upgrade than to install for
all the library (and other package) dependencies that changed. (If only
the swapping from today's apt-get upgrade would stop so I could get some
sleep (the usual equation is 1h swapping/package))


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