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RE: [DEB-USER] Re: At peace with Debian (was: This is thelastwar...)

Hey all:

In order to advoid confusion and embarrasment, I just promptly say: Ma'am.

...In Accordance With The Prophecy.

Happy Hacking, Bright Blessings and Gentle Breezes!

-*/ -=  )O(  Jay  )O(  =- /*-

~-----Original Message-----
~From: Ron Johnson [mailto:ron.l.johnson@cox.net]
~Just my rule, but I feel embarrassed referring to an un-married
~30 year old woman as "Miss".
~However....  Maybe it's just a Louisiana thing, but quite often,
~in informal settings, married women are referred to as Miss 
~<Christian name>.
~For example, Mrs. Jane Doe would be referred to as "Mrs. Doe" or
~"Miss Jane".

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