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Re: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference

On Tuesday 16 July 2002 01:01, nate wrote:
> ram in there is pretty cheap shit, but it did work on 2 other
> dual processor systems for over a year(i took 2 chips from each
> system)..i stopped using swap, still crashed, disabled cpu
> cache, still crashed, removed the 3ware card from the system,
> still crashed. removed the ram and put in a chip of micron
> PC100 ECC and sofar no crashes though i hope i don't jinx it
> by saying this!@

Time for another useless anecdote.

I had ordered a PC2100 Micron memory module. When it arrived, it was 
apparently dead, so I sent it back. Got a new one with the same result. 
I tested it on five different boards with three different chipsets 
which all failed to boot up or even POST. The fun thing about it was, 
however, that when used as secondary module, the system ran fine until 
something tried to access memory beyond the first module. A slow POST 
failed on accessing the second module. When booting to a memory test 
program under DOS, the whole memory range was accessible and it showed 
no errors whatever I did. To this day, I don't know what might have 
been wrong with the two modules.

So, never trust your memory ;-)

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