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Re: Using PS/2 and ImPS/2 in X

On Mon, 15 Jul 2002 08:59:00 -0700 Jeff <jcoppock1@attbi.com> wrote:

> Jamin W. Collins, 2002-Jul-15 08:41 -0500:
> > 
> > Does the external mouse you're attempting to use have an option of
> > using a USB connection?  If so, you could configure X to support both.
> Yes, I use a USB mouse (3-button/scroll wheel) on occasion which works
> nicely.  However, I connect to KVM switches regularly and they only
> have the PS/2 interface.

Hmmm that would mess with things, wouldn't it.  I've never tried it
myself, but have you given the "auto" protocol a shot?  More info at:


Jamin W. Collins

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