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Re: (Debian) Opera browser

>> > Anybody have useful experience of Opera for Debian?
>> .
>> > I prefer Opera in the Windows environment as it's so fast and scalable. Is 
>> > Opera for Debian like that?

I use opera for probably 95% of my web browsing under Linux.  I
liked it so much I paid for two licenses.

>> I think Opera for Debian is exacly the same as opera for Win,
>> but I prefer Galeon which is free software, I think it's more
>> important.

I haven't tried Galeon, but I don't have any aversion to
commercial software.

> I use Opera on Windows, and used it for a long time on Linux
> (redhat) until I recently upgraded to Debian and got Mozilla
> 1.0.  On Linux, I think Mozilla is finally better.

Mozilla is just too big and slow on most of my machines.  It
takes _forever_ to start up.

> Opera does work decently, but has a few rough edges (sometimes
> background colors are wrong, the usual problems with crummy IE-
> or Netscape-specific sites).  It may use less memory than
> Mozilla (I have a lot of RAM in this box so I haven't noticed),
> but other than that I prefer Mozilla in every way.

I have found a few dorked up sites with lots of stupid
JavaScript stunts that Mozilla handles better than Opera does.

My only real complaint about Opera is that the keymap can't be
changed, so you're stuck with MS-Windows key maps (ctrl-a is
select-all rather than beginning-of-line).

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