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Dear Sir,

I am Mrs. Maryam Abacha, the widow of the late Gen. Sanni Abacha former Nigerian Military Head of State who died mysteriously as a result of Cardiac Arrest.  Since after my husband?s death my family is under restriction of movement and that not withstanding, we are being molested, policed and our Bank Account both here and abroad are being frozen by the Nigerian Civilian Government.  Furthermore, my elder son is in detention by the Nigerian Government for more interrogation about my husband?s assets and some vital documents.
Following the recent discovery of my husband?s Bank Account by the Nigerian Government with Swiss Bank in which the huge sum of US$700 Million and DM450 Million was logged.  I therefore decided to contact you in confidence that I was able to move out the sum of US$14.3 Million Dollars, which was secretly defaced and is sealed in two Metal Boxes for security reasons.

I therefore personally, appeal to you seriously and religiously for your urgent assistance to move this money into your country where I believe it will be safe since I cannot leave the country due to the restriction of movement imposed on the members of my family by the Nigerian Government.
You can contact me through my family lawyer in person of BARR. USMAN AHMED . on his Tel No: 234-80-33019409/ 234-1-7743829 or his Email: usman_lawfirm@lawyer.com. My lawyer shall arrange with you for a face to face meeting outside Nigeria in order to liaise with you toward effective completion of this transactions.

However, arrangements have been put in place to move this money out of the country in a secret vault through a security company in America/Europe, and as soon as you indicate your interest my Lawyer shall send you the Air-Way Bill of the Luggage and other related documents so that you can help to claim the Luggage.
Conclusively, we have agreed to offer you 30% of the total sum while 70% is to be held on trust by you until we can decide on a suitable business investment in your country subsequent to our free movement by the Nigerian Government.  Please reply urgently and treat with absolute confidentiality and sincerity.
Best Regards.


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