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Re: Toshiba Protege 3010CT and Network

On Sat, Jul 13, 2002 at 07:59:17AM -0700, Dom Leon wrote:
> Hello All-
> I just finished installing Debian on a Toshiba Protege
> 3010CT with a non-GUI inteface (yea!). BUT... 
> I cannot get it on the network. From the documentation
> I have read there are two things which are crucial:
> 1) Have Debian recognize the NIC card.
> 2) Install dhcpcd daemon (and make sure it's started!)
?             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
> Problem: Debian is not recognizing the NIC card. =)
> Hopefully this is not a specific problem between the
> Protege 3010CT and Debian. This laptops NIC is on the
> 'port replicator' which comes with the laptop. Anyone
> have any clues on this?
> dhcpcd wont start without a NIC card! At least I dont
> think so. =) Cause I tried to get it started and the
> screen just stares are me.. =)

Did you check lspci or read /var/log/messages after reboot.  
Those give pcmcia devices.  Try with newer kernel if you have new
device.  (woody shall be good.  It is by all means stable.  Just make
sure to adjust /etc/apt/sources.list during install time to make sure
you get right archive until its release.)

If you want to be client of DHCP serviced network, use dhclient in
woody.  (I forgot what for potato.  Something like dhcp-client)

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