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Re: woody/2.4.18/XFree4.1 slow?

On Thu, 11 Jul 2002 09:04:42 -0500
"Lance Heller" <lheller@ttsi-tul.com> wrote:

> the end result seems 
> sluggish relative to Potato.  The video particularly has been less 
> stable.

Examples?  In what way has it been less than stable, what drivers are you
using for the cards?

> I have a firewall project coming up (hardware yet undefined 
> but likely the latest and greatest) and very much want to use Woody 
> with iptable support but don't think I can based on what I've seen 
> thus far.  

>From what I can see, you've list only a perceived sluggishness and what I
presume to be X video stability.  Of these, only the perceived
sluggishness really has a bearing on a firewall system as you really
shouldn't be running X on a dedicated firewall (no need that I can think
of for it).

So, perhaps you can elaborate on the situation a bit?

Jamin W. Collins

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