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Re: Connection to Samba from Win2k/SP2

<quote who="Phil Brutsche">
> nate wrote:

> Samba 2.2 has full NT4 PDC support.  IIRC samba-tng (the upcoming Samba
> 3.0, I think) will have at least partial support for ActiveDirectory.

well i tried samba 2.2.5 a few months ago and it still lacked support
for stuff i was interested in ..samba-tng had more. the main things
were domain groups, which samba had no support for, and trust
relationships were iffy(the code at the time was not documented to
work but i found a way to use it by doin some googlin' the developers
were suprised that it worked :) but samba was unable to maintain
a trust relationship since it did not support the random passowrd
changes nt does during the trust). but samba does have basic
domain support, systems can join a domain, and participate ..but
more then that isn't as good as -tng from my experience(I haven't
tried samba's HEAD branch ...)

> Debian's winbind package is key - it provides an NSS module, a PAM
> module, and a winbindd daemon.  The loadable modules contact winbindd to
> resolve the Windows SIDs into unique UNIX UIDs & GIDs.
> It lets you make Linux "internet appliances" that use NT4 PDCs & BDCs
> for all username and password authentication.

yeah...scary..id rather do it the other way around with LDAP
authentication and have the win32 machines log into a samba PDC
with a LDAP backend ...which is what i'm tryin to do(pretty good
success sofar ..)


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