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RE: two CST timezones

  Sun's Solaris  has the same style. I don't know what the standard is too.
					Yu Guanghui

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> Subject: Re: two CST timezones
> >>>>> "Yu" == Yu Guanghui <ygh@dlut.edu.cn> writes:
> Yu>    From glibc manuals, "Note: This is not implemented 
> (currently). The problem is
> Yu>  that timezone names are not unique. If a fixed timezone 
> is  assumed for a given 
> Yu>  string (say EST meaning US East Coast time), then uses 
> for countries other than 
> Yu> the USA will fail. So far we have found no good solution to this."
> Yu>    Timezone names are not unique, there are many other 
> same name timezones.
> Well, I wonder if there's a Debian Policy about this.  I mean here I
> am using the Debian system and people think I am in the USA.  Oh,
> Debian assumes everybody lives in the USA, folks might think.  Ok,
> true, who's to say who the rightful owner of CST is.
> >>>>> "V" == Vincent Lefevre <vincent@vinc17.org> writes:
> V> CST is -0600. This is standard.
> Well thanks Vince.  Anybody have some constructive recommendations?
> How can I just make my machine call my timezone "+0800"?
> 1. I don't want to perform open heart surgery on my machine to do
> this. It must not be anymore deeper than "apt-get install gawk;
> apt-get remove mawk"
> 2. will it break anything if my timezone now isn't 3 letters? 
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