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[SOLVED] ext3 over nfs - can't get rw!

On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 12:22:50AM +0000, Jonathan Matthews wrote:
> Briefly:
>  I'm trying to get an ext3 partition mounted over nfs, from
>  therock to bigdaddy.  It comes up as mounted type nfs (rw),
>  but using it reports that it's a read-only filesystem.
>  As shown below, I've got all the settings that might affect
>  this correctly set up.  Well, that's obviously incorrect, but
>  /I/ don't know what isn't correct.
>  Ideas, anyone?
>   jaycee@therock:~$ cat /etc/exports
>   /share		bigdaddy.jaycee.home(rw,root_squash,squash=0-999
>   /backup		*.jaycee.home(rw,no_root_squash)

The /share line was the problem - 2 mistakes inside 80 characters!
a) No closing bracket
b) "squash" isn't an option - you have to distinguish between
   "squash_uids" and "squash_gids".

[ c) root_squash is superfluous(sp?) ]

Many thanks to those who helped!

It may stop, it may not.  And stop calling me "dj".

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