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Got rid of MS Windows

Yesterday I asked this group some questions about the removal of
Windows from my system. Today I did a clean install of Debian on my
system, erasing the fat32 partition.

All went rather smoothly. I only lost my bookmarks file, which was a
stupid mistake to make. Thank god for Google. And I had some mails
bounce, because of a not yet complete mail setup. I took care of it
inside fifteen minutes, so hopefully the damage is not too great.

I now use startx to to get a gui. My wm is fluxbox. I use galeon as
my browser. Is it possible to change the fonts that Galeon uses in
the menus. It defaults to the standard Gnome font. Since I only have
the requirements for Galeon installed on my system, I am looking
for a way to get a different font that goes better with the rest of
my desktop. I don't know where to start looking. Galeon, X, Gnome ?


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