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Belkin UPS configuration help

Greetings, all.

After I blew out my second power supply in 4 months, I decided it was
time to get a UPS.  I've got a Belkin Universal UPS 800VA (model #
F6C800-UNV), and I've hooked it up to my woody machine using the
included RS-232 cable.

(In hindsight, I should probably have done a bit more research into the
various models of USB and their levels of support under Linux before I
bought this one.  As I was replacing my power supply on the same trip to
the store, though, I didn't have the opportunity.)

Woody, ia32 (Athlon), kernel 2.4.18.

The Belkin UPS comes with its own administration/monitoring software,
including one for Linux.  However, it's binary-only, and it includes a
daemon that has to run as root.  I'd prefer not to trust that, so I was
trying to use some of the Debian packages to accomplish the same ends:
in particular, I just spent a few minutes working with `nut.'  I
followed the instructions in the READMEs and added the following to
    UPS belkin /var/lib/nut/belkin-ttys1 belkin /dev/ttyS1
as well as the necessary stuff to get upsmon to work correctly.
I also tweaked the devfsd entries to give /dev/ttyS1 the correct
permissions (-rw-rw----, user root, group nut).

To test, I ran 'upsmon -c fsd', and the system shortly started to shut
itself down, as expected.  However, when the shutdown is complete, it
tries to signal the UPS over the serial cable to turn itself off; this
part fails.  It complains about errors reading from the serial ports and
a number of timeouts; it eventually gives up and shuts the machine down
without bothering the UPS.

So, something's obviously not working right.

Has anybody had success with this model of UPS and nut (or possibly one
of the other UPS monitoring programs in woody)?  Or do I have to fall
back on Belkin's programs?

Thanks much for any advice,


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