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Re: Need web server recommendation


I can't do it that way.  I'm the system administrator for several Christian
sites, including fcwm.org, nazarene.ch, and wesleyan.net.  I have a half dozen
email addresses that I have to be able to place in the "From:" field, including
glen@fcwm.org, glen@nazarene.ch, GLEdwards@wesleyan.net,
support@(fcwm.org|nazarene.ch|wesleyan.net).  Any type of envelope masquerading
is out.



Derrick 'dman' Hudson writes:
>On Wed, Jul 03, 2002 at 04:56:02PM -0500, Glen Lee Edwards wrote:
>| Two problems:
>| 1) It won't accept the email address in the "From:" field that I'm trying to
>| subscribe from, glen@fcwm.org.  Instead it subscribed my
>| username@canonical.machine.name - glenlee@hope-in-christ.fcwm.org.
>It probably took the envelope sender as the subscriber address.  You
>should be sending the proper envelope sender in the first place.  If
>you are using the default debian setup with exim, just put
>glenlee: glenlee@fcwm.org
>in /etc/email-addresses and exim will rewrite the envelope sender to
>be the proper address.
>| This means that I can only post from this username at this machine.
>| That won't work, because I'm liable to post from any of the machines
>| I happen to be working on at the time.  Now I have to remember which
>| list I've subscribed to from which machine.
>With that rewriting in place (which any non- internet-mail-host
>machine ought to be doing anyways to provide a correct envelope on the
>messages) you won't have that problem.
>| 2) Regarding the spam problem, it's blocking my mail as spam because
>| I don't have the "Reply-to:" field filled out.
>They really block based on that?  RFC (2)822 doesn't require a
>Reply-To: address.  Are you sure the appearance of that requirement
>isn't really caused by something else and might be related to #1?
>Try fixing that envelope problem above and see if it solves the rest
>of your subscription problems.
>He who walks with the wise grows wise,
>but a companion of fools suffers harm.
>        Proverbs 13:20

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